Talent Development

Certification Incentive Plan

"Talent Training and Certification Incentive Plan"

Brief introduction

The Talents Development Committee and the Macao Foundation have jointly launched the "Talents Training and Testing Incentive Plan", residents are encouraged to further study and participate in certificate tests to continuously improve their professional skills; at the same time, cultivating various types of talents for the Macao SAR.

Catalogue of rewards

The catalogue consists of two parts: catalogue of rewards for language skills tests, and catalogue of rewards for industry-oriented certification tests. Macao residents who have reached the designated level listed in the below catalogue during the reward scheme period can apply online. If they have been awarded in the same certification before, the examination level must be higher than the previous rewarded level. MOP 1,000 will be granted for each successful application.

"Professional Certificate Examination Reward Scheme"

Brief introduction

For meeting the demands of the government and development of the industry, In 2022, two sub-programs regarding incentives to obtain professional certification in the financial and information technology fields will be added to the ‘Incentive Scheme for Personnel Training and Certification’ to encourage employees in these fields to expand their career skills and professional growth through taking professional certification examinations.

"Talent Training and Certification Incentive Plan" Reward Situation

"Certification Center Information Platform"

Brief introduction

In order to publicize and promote the relevant national, international or Macau accredited vocational certificates, their registration procedures as well as training courses, the "Certification Center Information Platform" was built in May 2017. It Combines the incentive measures of certification to continuously encourage residents to study for certificates. It is hoped that through the training and certification, residents' skills can be strengthened, and their mobility can be promoted.