Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao


The long-term mechanism of talent training is one of the five long-term mechanisms established by the current Government. In order to better implement the talent training work, the Government established the Talents Development Committee in 2014, the work of which is to establish a sound talents development system for the SAR so that the residents can fully develop their personal talents. 

The Task Force of Encouraging Talents to Return to Macao

Macao currently has a population of about 682,000, of which 168,000 are non-resident employees. About 715,000 Macao residents are eligible in the “2021 Wealth Partaking Scheme”, which estimates over 100,000 Macao residents reside outside of Macao. Apart from students, there is no lack of professionals and elites among them. Therefore, encouraging talents to return to Macao is the main part of work of the Task Force. Carrying out such work enables Macao society to obtain high-quality human resources required, and re-proportionate for a better local talent structure.

Specific work

Holding the “Celebrating 15th Anniversary of the Macao SAR – Talents Group Investigation Plan”

The project was successfully held from February1-5, 2015. During the five-day event, 19 Macao residents who worked or started businesses outside of Macao visited a number of public sectors, tertiary institutions, facilities of large-scale enterprises and the historic urban areas of Macao. They also exchanged views with local communities to learn more about the future development opportunities of the SAR.

Information Platform for Returning Macao Residents

The SAR Government has established an online information platform for those who intend to reflow back to Macao, to better understand Macao’s livelihood and development. Information includes: business running and startup, job and employment, industry overview, social security, taxation, education, health and welfare, transportation, infrastructure and housing, leisure and entertainment, immigration procedures, individual cases of talents who have returned to Macao, and so on.

Study on Returning Macao Residents

To encourage Macao residents who have resided outside of Macao for long and young people who study outside of Macao to return, the Task Force has commissioned an institution to carry out a study on the “Action Plan for Encourage Talents to Return to Macao”. This study generalized the push and pull factors on residents returning to Macau through interviews with returned residents, enterprises and local organizations. It also suggested regular measures in short and medium run on tracking and keeping contact with talents, so as to enhance talents returning to Macau.