PhD studentship in Biomedical Sciences (starting August 2018)

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Macau is seeking a highly motivated PhD candidate to perform structural studies on key cell‐cycle protein complexes under the supervision of Associate Professor William Chao.


The Chao laboratory focuses on using structural biology and in vitro biochemical reconstitution to investigate crucial cell‐cycle mechanisms. Professor Chao has extensive experience in determining multi‐subunit protein complexes with research articles published in peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Molecular Cell, and Cancer Discovery.


The appointed student will be given the opportunity to master state‐of‐the‐art techniques in protein complex reconstitution and structure determination as well as acquiring new techniques from collaborators’ laboratories.  


Applicants must hold a bachelor or master degree in relevant areas of natural sciences.  Previous experience in molecular biology and structural biology will be of advantage.


For further information, please contact William Chao @ or visit .


Application Deadline

28th February 2018


Normative Study Period

4 years.  


Postdoctoral Career Prospects

Upon the completion of PhD studies, graduates with Macau permanent residency will be encouraged to apply for the Macau Fellowship, which offers an independent salary to facilitate PhD graduates to acquire competitive international postdoctoral experience.